Nino is 9 years old. He’s been saved from the big earthquake in Italy a couple of years ago. He lost his home that day. Educated and very affectionate, he’s ok with everyone even though, for him, the ideal would be to return to being an only child, possibly in a context in which he should not remain alone too long. He has no hunting instincts (fortunately), and he always stands by his side in search of a physical and visual contact. Very intelligent, tireless, wonderful companion for those who love to travel and walk in nature. Last but not least, he looks like a teenager!!


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Taking a clear position on hunting and huntingdogs is something we can not refrain from. We try to clarify this statement here


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Dog Industry: ” Street and stray dogs unsane numbers depend from media and breeders activities”. An interesting book revealing all the black spots when animals become money through compassion.


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