Cesare is 6 years old. He’s a Sharpei and was bought when he was a puppy. All of a sudden the family that owns Cesare has decided that “simply”, they don’t want him anymore! “There’s no more space in the house for him” . Comments are needless..just another evidence that most of unwanted dogs come from family that shop, instead of adopting. Cesare is just a good lad that doesn’t know what happened to his life..Please help him giving a new one before he gets mad!!


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Taking a clear position on hunting and huntingdogs is something we can not refrain from. We try to clarify this statement here


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Dog Industry: ” Street and stray dogs unsane numbers depend from media and breeders activities”. An interesting book revealing all the black spots when animals become money through compassion.


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phone (emergencies hotline): +39 347 318 92 88