When you adopt you open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it 

When you shop you’re gratifying your ego and breeder’s wallet

Giving neglected animals a second chance when humans fail. Standing strong against hunting and all kind of breedings

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They were dumped in a water-well with their brothers on Easter Day. The murderers probably wanted to be sure nobody could notice them. Then they reached their families for the celebration laughing and sneering. Somebody passed by a couple of hours later and fortunately all the pack has been saved. They're now 7 months old almost, and all their brothers have been already adopted. We need them to be adopted asap as well, as their big size is not affordable in our shelter. Please HELP! We consider fostering.



7 month old German Shepherd cross. Used to being with other animals and humans. Found starving in the countryside of Sardinia. To adopt him call +39 3473189288


8 months. Medium size. Been found starving on the street in a small village in south of Italy. Good boy. Neutering is compulsory. To adopt him call +39 3472723987


Smidoll is 3 months old. Medium size, excellent behaviour. Someone gave him to a breeder and the breeder called us as they don’t want the dog. Please adopt Smidoll calling +39 3472723987

About hunt and huntindog

             Revealing our position about hunt and all the tragedies related to the dogs hunters use, misuse and deprive from basic health conditions is something we cannot refrain from. You can also find the articleWhy we’re against legal hunting” by The wild Jepa